Our crowdsale is live at the following address:


To participate, use a wallet that accepts ERC-20 Tokens akin to Ethereum Wallet, or MyEtherWallet.



We are in active development of a LAMBO tip bot for the Ether Reddit community. We think it is great fun to allow the community to tip in LAMBOs, helping bring that lighthearted fun we have enjoyed throughout the community. Funds raised will help in development of this Reddit Bot, other LAMBO integrations into social networks and will also allow us to bring LAMBO to exchanges. May the LAMBO be with you!


Initial Supply

We are selling 3,200,000 LAMBO for this crowdsale. Our goal is 500 ETH, and we will be reserving 36% for future development, contests, and those that help with the ICO.



Our contracts are audited!


The Future

We have a solid team and look forward to building quality software for the community that has blessed us with moon and lambo talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are LAMBO Tokens?

LAMBO Tokens are ERC20 Tokens built on Ethereum. We will be building a reddit bot that will be easy to gift redditors for Lambo worthy posts.

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How many LAMBO are offered in this crowdsale?

3,200,000 LAMBO will be offered in this crowdsale

1 ETH: 6400 LAMBO

0.1 ETH: 640 LAMBO

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What will you do with the raised funds?

We love the spirit of the LAMBO, and will launch a Reddit tip bot so you can give people LAMBO. We will also use the funds to list LAMBO on exchanges, and devise more clever technology around the Lambo.

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How many decimals do LAMBO Tokens have?

None. We do not believe in fractional LAMBOs.

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What is your funding goal?

We are looking to raise 500 ETH. We have built our crowdsale contract to stipulate if we do not reach our funding goal, we will refund all ETH appropriately.

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How long will the crowdsale run?

The crowdsale will run for 30 days.